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Lieutenant Commander Dorian Sheppard

Name Dorian Gerard Sheppard

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6’2”
Weight 175lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall and thin, gangly, with thick hair just starting to show a bit of gray.


Spouse None
Children None
Father George
Mother Allison

Personality & Traits

General Overview LC Sheppard has been officially diagnosed on the Autism spectrum as highly functioning within the Asperger’s scale. He’s highly introverted but understands his need to interact socially. He’s very pragmatic and occasionally blunt but never intentionally rude. His commanding officers have described him as efficient, steady, calm, and reliable.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: intellect, focused, determined, kind, diplomatic, pragmatic
Weaknesses: socially awkward, introverted, stubborn,
Ambitions LC Sheppard is not interested in a Captain’s chair, but would prefer to eventually retire from active duty to join the Academy Teaching Staff.
Hobbies & Interests Steam Locomotives, holodeck activities, baking/cooking

Personal History Born and raised on Volon III, Dorian always had a knack for assembling, disassembling, and reassembling machinery. He planned on becoming a farmer and spent most of his young adult life doing so, but over time he realized that he spent more of his hours repairing the equipment and rebuilding things to improve efficiency than he did actually farming the land. In 2370, with the Cardassian sabotage of the Federation Colony, Dorian was encouraged to join Starfleet. At 39 years old, he was seen as a father figure to some of the young cadets. An introvert, he didn’t make many close friends, but the Academy pushed him out of his comfort zone to join study groups and participate in social events.
Service Record Upon graduating from the Academy, he was assigned as an Ensign to the USS Spectre, an older ship with a linear dilithium-controlled matter/antimatter reaction assembly. A year later, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, and a year later to Lieutenant, at which time he was transferred to the Sequoia class USS Yellowstone.

After five years aboard the Yellowstone, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given the role of Chief Engineer. In 2382, he was transferred to the USS Lionheart to replace Lieutenant Kader(?).