General Items
The Lion's Heart   Deck eight is where you find The Lion's Heart, what appears to be an English pub transplanted into a starship. The aesthetics were designed to take a patron back in time to the 20th century with it's wooden stools, stuffed chairs, and wooden floors and oak bar. The pub is located closer to the center of the deck so there are no windows, and one wall was salvaged from the Lionheart-A playing host to an artistic collage of the adventures the original Lionheart, the A and B have all survived.

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Science Labs   Summary Decks twenty two through twenty five play host to a series of advanced labs covering a wide variety of scientific disciplines, expanding Lionheart's capabilities as an vessel of exploration.
Bridge   Summary The control center of the ship, Lionheart's bridge follows a layout typical for most Federation starships...much to Captain Hadenbeer's frustration; her intention was to remove the captain's chair as well as the XO and mission advisor seats as well and replace them with a tactical work table complete with full holographic functions. Unfortunately the engineers and staff as the shipyard refused her "input" on the matter and the highly comfortable seats remained.