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Arrival of Chief Engineer

Posted on Wed Dec 29th, 2021 @ 3:15am by Captain Devin Hadenbeer & Lieutenant Commander Dorian Sheppard

Mission: Into The Void
Location: Gymnasium

After settling in to his new quarters, Chief Engineer Sheppard sits on his bed and considers his options;

He could review the Engineering Deck schematics again, in case someone has made any modifications in the three hours since he’d last reviewed them.
He could get some rest since it was still several hours until 0300.
He could explore the ship a bit.
He could just report to Engineering early and see what was happening there.
He could meet with some of the other Senior Officers, introduce himself, and learn about his new colleagues.

His first option is unlikely to yield anything new. He is too wired to nap. He -is- eager to see more of the ship, but Engineering wasn’t really ready for him yet, so that left option 5. Meeting new people.

He takes a deep breath and lets out a long, slow sigh. “Well, let’s do this,” he says, slapping his palms onto his thighs and pushing himself up to standing. He checks his hair in the mirror, smooths his shirt and steps out into the hall.

He nods hello to a Cadet in passing, and moves on to the turbo lift. Before calling the lift, he taps his comm badge. “Computer, locate Captain Hadenbeer.”

“< Captain Hadenbeer is in the gymnasium >”

‘That’s as good a place to start as any,’ he thinks to himself as he steps into the lift.

“Gymnasium,” he states, and the lift complies.

Devin felt the burn in her right quadriceps but that did not stop her from performing the stretch. Ever since the surgeries that grafted new muscle and nerve tissue onto her existing musculature she had experienced moments of discomfort that could only be controlled through regular stretching and exercise. And since Marta made exercise almost impossible in their shared quarters...

She heard the doors open and did not bother looking up. Instead she leaned further into the stretch, fingers entwined around her food, hissing with the effort...

Stepping into the gymnasium, the Chief Engineer approaches the Captain to within 10 feet, so as not to interrupt her activity. “Lieutenant Commander Sheppard reporting for duty, sir,” he declares, standing at his best formal posture.

"Oh?" Devin possessed an urge to send the man away, but she had read his jacket and knew this was him making an effort to do right by her. There was no reason to take her discomfort out on him. She said, "I will be vertical in just a moment, Commander; once I get into this position I need to see it through to the bitter end."

“Uh, yes, Sir,” he says, remaining at attention.

"So, am I your first stop or have you seen Engineering yet?"

“Sir, I’ve familiarized myself with the ship’s schematics and have a meeting scheduled with the Engineering staff at oh three hundred hours,” he replies. “But you are my first stop after my quarters,” he explains. “Sir, if this isn’t a good time I can come back later,” he says obviously uncomfortably. “Perhaps we could meet in your Ready Room in an hour, Sir?” he offers.

"0300?" Hadenbeer echoed, "That is one way to keep your staff on their toes. And we are going to be working closely together in the coming months, Commander; I don't mind you seeing me in a state of physical discomfort."

“Technically, the roll call was scheduled by my junior officer,” Sheppard admits. “But I admire their initiative so I’m going along with it.”

She slowly released her foot and then rolled over so she was sitting on the floor, "Thank you for seeing me first. I know how much your job means to you, Commander. I can only imagine how badly you must want to see Engineering, get the warp drive up to full power, see what she-"

She patted the deck beside her fondly.

"-can do when she sprints. And she can sprint, Commander," she grinned, "Oh yes..."

“I’ve analyzed the ship’s electro-plasma manifold array and with your permission, I’d like to run some coherence simulations to try to get a feel for potential surges and limitations of flow-route alternatives specific to the Lionheart,” he requests. “Not necessarily before leaving spacedock,” he emphasizes. “But at some point within the next hundred hours if possible. I’m confident the Engineering team can hold its own,” he clarifies. “But for my own reassurances, I want to be intimately acquainted with ship specific functions,” he concludes.

"Oh, of course," Hadenbeer replied with a nod and a slight smile, "Whatever will make you comfortable in regards to Lionheart's state of readiness.

“Thank you, Sir. Do we have a departure schedule confirmation?” he asks.

"Less than forty eight hours now," the captain murmured, the smile broadening, "We are picking up on personnel en route. There is no Chief Medical Officer at present but there is a wide eyed intern in Sickbay but the head nurse has literally more decades of experience than him. And an acerbic EMH. Do not worry; he is not malfunctioning."

“Is there anything I should be aware of?” Sheppard asks.

Hadenbeer slowly made it to her feet. Rubbing her right thigh, she walked over to the wall where a cane rested, she said, "Your staff is comprised of a lot of kids, fresh faced ensigns. But the noncoms are seasoned."

“Understood,” he says with a nod. “Will you be delaying a Mission Briefing with Senior Staff then?” he asks.

"I am afraid so," Hadenbeer replied, "Once the others arrive, along with a possible mission advisor, then I will divulge all the sordid details."

“Thank you, Sir. Will there be anything else?” he asks.

Hadenbeer shrugged, "I can't think of anything. Unless you have any questions for me?"

“Negative, Captain,” Sheppard replies.

"Well, if you do think of anything please do not hesitate to ask."

“Thank you, Sir.”

Hadenbeer watched Sheppard leave the gym and smiled slightly. Should she have mentioned the special equipment in Engineering, the components he was locked out of? Doubtless one of the chiefs would be itching to tell him.

Well, she thought wryly, he would find out a few minutes after 03:00...


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