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Regaining his Honor...

Posted on Wed Dec 22nd, 2021 @ 6:17pm by Lieutenant Klarth

Personal Log- “After many trials and dangerous missions the day has come for me to regain my honor. I have been nothing but a Targ and a Patak for so long, it will be good to have a name again.

It is the Great Hall on Q'onoS, Chancellor Martok is there in his finest clothes. “Who is the next Patak on the list?” he says with disdain in the words.
Targ is brought in. Soldiers on either side of him pushing and kicking him and spitting on him as the guide him before the Chancellor.

“So you are the Patak that has been on a journey to regain his honor.”

“Yes Chancellor, sir” says Targ.

Martok looks at a pad. “Well, well, pirates, battles, survived a cave in…it seems you have survived several trials and performed honorably.”

“Yes, it has been glorious to serve.”

“Wrong!” Martok shouted with anger in Targ’s face. “There is no honor or glory for a Patak like you who has dishonored himself.”

Targ looks cowed at his mistake but says nothing.

Martok walks over to his throne and sits down and looks at the pad again. Then he begins to speak again and it is with a hint of warmness that was not there before. “However, it seems that you have completed your trials you are disgraced no longer and you can once again bear your true name of Klarth. Glory to you…and your house.”

Klarth relaxes muscles he didn’t even realize he had tensed and when he stood up he seemed taller and more himself. “Thank you Chacellor and glory to the Empire and glory to you.”

“Yes, come here Klarth, I need to speak with you.” Martok gestures Klarth to approach the throne.

Klarth and Martok talk to each other in low tones so the rest of the court can not here.

“It must be so good to be done with all that.” Martok speaks casually. “I was serious these logs are really something. I’d like to share some blood wine with you now and you can tell me some of the parts that didn’t make the log.”

“That would be great Chancellor.”

“Oh, come now no more formality.”

“That would be great Martok.”

“There we go. Now have you thought about what you will do now?”

Klarth considers it. “I was so focused on regaining my honor that I never even thought about it…”

“Well, I was thinking that you should return to Starfleet. I wasn’t sure about Klingons serving there but I see now that those humans need some good Klingons to fight besides them and you had a good thing going there.”

“Is that an order?”

“No just a suggestion. Ambassador Worf is like a brother to me and I made him a member of my house. He was in Starfleet and it brought him much glory. I want that for you too.”

“Well, I’ll drink to that.”

Martok and Klarth laugh. And Martok claps him on the back playfully.

“I bet you’ll drink to anything!” says Martok.

“You’re right I would.”

They laugh again and start to walk out of the throne room together.


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